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It makes no difference how you got here, be it from one of the many other Herzo web sites such as Herzo Base, Herzogenaurach, Herzo Survivors, ASA Lives, etc. you are here!

You may already know that Herzo Base was started in 1934 as a “Civil Emergency Landing Ground” and morphed to a secret training base for the Luftwaffe. It was occupied at the end of WW II by the American forces and used as an airfield for P-51 and B-26 aircraft. In 1947 the base was taken over by the 2nd Signal Service BN  and 52nd Signal Service BN and the future 'steel trees' golf course was established.  In 1956 the 302nd USASA BN from Bamberg occupied Herzo until October 1957  when the 318th USASA BN took over. In 1967  it became the 16th ASA Field Station until October 1972 when the 16th ASA Field Station moved to Augsburg.  For the next 20 years it was 'Herzo Base Artillery', an artillery brigade from US Army VII Corps.

In 1992 Herzo Base was officially returned to German government and became vacant until 1997 when Adidas took over the property and began it's development as the “World of Sports” site.

This part is interesting. The official Adidas web site says it was “solely used as a radar station until 1970, when for the first time, US armed forces are based in Herzogenaurach”.

Adidas, against the wishes of the townspeople of Herzogenaurach, took down the “Gate” on

July 17, 2002. It is being stored in a warehouse in Herzogenaurach.

The History of Herzo Base was long and varied and the gate symbolized all this. Now it is gone, but not forgotten, it remains indelible in our memories.

Now you can have a memento of the 'GATE'.... 


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